Artur Sychov

Gründer und CEO der GmbH

"ebee was the perfect partner to make my idea product"

Winfried Möll

CTO der Bender GmbH & Co. KG

„Der Mix des agilen Start-Ups ebee mit einem etablierten Mittelständler wie Bender ist eine ideale Kooperation!”



As one of Ebee’s earliest partnerships, eluminocity has been involved in multiple development projects with the Ebee team. One of eluminocity’s original requests was for Ebee’s inside kit to support a pulsing multi color LED ring on their housing around the socket; the idea was that the ring would light up during charging. For eluminocity, this was an important part of their unique branding, so Ebee’s engineering team reworked the inside kit to allow for this additional functionality.

(„Copyright BMW Group“) approached ebee in 2014 to help engineer a totally new concept, the smart ceiling charger. Although the majority of the technical interior would be located in the central body of the charger on the ceiling, there was also a need to include intelligence in a mobile arm that could be easily accessed by the user. Ebee’s engineering team helped to divide the standard charging kit into two sections and to build the mobile arm that can serve four parking spots.

Public Utilities 

Energy Service Biel (ESB) is a Swiss public utility company. In 2013, ESB began to install electric vehicle charging stations within their municipality and they chose Ebee charging points because of the completeness of the turnkey solution. ESB has received the small-to-medium utility package, which comprises a simple, but complete, OCPP-backend system. The backend provides a connection between the roaming platform Intercharge by Hubject and the Ebee charge point hardware.

City of Lancaster, CA, USA

The City of Lancaster (CA) partners with ebee smart technologies to launch BLVD Streetlight Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Follow link for more information.

Sleep & Charge

Description coming soon!

e-Parking Facility

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