Founded in 2011, ebee was created to develop smart, compact, and affordable electric vehicle charging solutions. We aim to supply cost-effective and easily-accessible public charging solutions that synergize with other city infrastructure. Today, our company is tightly intertwined with the future of city design and the automotive industry. To achieve this, we operate on standards that make our solutions available for everyone on the market and we offer a variety of products that can be configured to provide the greatest flexibility for the customer. 

The Ebee-Team


Under the leadership of Robert Weyrauch (CTO), ebee has assembled an international team from a variety of educational backgrounds. As a result, we are prepared to understand and respond to our customer's needs with a global perspective. We look forward to helping you find and design the best smart solution for your EV infrastructure!

Robert Weyrauch
CTO & General Manager
+49 30 609 83 71 11
Henning Heppner
Charel Feiereisen
Head of Business Development
+49 30 609 83 71 37
Victoria Stumpf
Manager Business Development
+49 151 743 166 22
Peter Wilhelm
Manager Business Development
+49 30 609 83 71 31
Julian Besserer
Head of Production and Purchasing
+49 30 609 83 71 33
Tim Kleeberg
Business Development & Engineer
Tom Scharnberg
Business Development
Marc Nijdam
Senior eMobility Architect
Holger Birkmeyer
Principal Software Engineer
Jose Luis Regali
Senior Software Engineer
Gretta Hohl
Senior Software Engineer
Marek Pikarski
Senior Software Engineer
Stefan Bruning
Product Designer
Haithm Thabit
Production Manager